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In every community, home, and business, plumbing plays an important role. A well-maintained plumbing system ensures that water comes in and goes out of a building efficiently and safely. At Rooter Man Plumbing, we proudly offer a wide selection of residential and commercial services from routine inspections to emergency plumbing repair in Incline Village, NV, and nearby areas. 

Residential Services

A quality plumbing service in Incline Village can ensure your household runs smoothly. From the kitchen faucet to the bathroom shower and everything in between, plumbers can make sure that water reaches where it is supposed to and that waste exits promptly and efficiently. Residential services cover a wide range of plumbing needs, including:

  • Leak repairs: This involves identifying and fixing any water leaks in your home. An experienced plumber in Incline Village can spot even the most stealthy of leaks, saving you from escalated water bills and potential water damage.
  • Drain cleaning: Every home has experienced the frustration of a clogged drain. Thankfully, plumbers can quickly fix this, ensuring your sinks and tubs drain smoothly once more.
  • Toilet repairs: A running or clogged toilet can disrupt the peace in your home. Plumbers in Incline Village are skilled in fixing these problems fast, bringing tranquility back to your bathroom.
  • Water heater services: Whether installing a new water heater or repairing the existing one, plumbing services ensure you continue enjoying your hot showers without any hitches.
  • Garbage disposal maintenance: If your garbage disposal is acting up, a plumber can either repair it or install a new one to help you maintain a clean and healthy kitchen.

While a professional will be skilled at taking care of the large appliances and fixtures, plumbers also look into the fine details, such as fixing dripping faucets, repairing broken showerheads, and installing water softeners to protect your pipes and appliances from hard water damage.


Commercial Services

A commercial plumbing service in Incline Village will cater to businesses, industries, and large establishments where the plumbing systems are typically more extensive and complex. Commercial plumbers are responsible for:

  • Installing and maintaining large water heaters and boilers: These professionals ensure that hot water runs uninterrupted in large facilities, providing essential services for activities like industrial production.
  • Sewer line services: Be it installation, cleaning, or repair; plumbers in Incline Village work to ensure that the sewer lines in commercial buildings function optimally, preventing backflows and maintaining hygiene.
  • Water fountain installations: Yes, those lovely water fountains decorating commercial landscapes also fall under the scope of a commercial plumber’s ability.
  • Gas plumbing: Beyond just water systems, commercial plumbing services also cover gas plumbing, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of gas lines in commercial setups.

Commercial plumbers offer solutions to even the most complex plumbing issues. They are experienced in handling high-capacity systems and can provide tailored services to meet the unique needs of each business or industry, ensuring optimal functionality and compliance with regulations.

Do You Need Plumbing Maintenance or an Emergency Plumbing Repair in Incline Village? 

If you’ve been struggling with plumbing issues, reach out to the team at Rooter Man Plumbing today. Our specialists are ready to help you reach your plumbing goals, whatever they may be. Contact our office for more information or when you’re ready to schedule an appointment. We offer:

and all other plumbing services in Incline Village, Nevada.


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